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Ultimate Upgrade Demo Sale, Savings up to $7,000. Shop Here

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5 Reasons to Buy a Used BMW from a BMW Dealership

5 Reasons to Buy a Used BMW from a BMW Dealership

Are you looking for a used BMW for sale? It’s always great to opt for a local used BMW dealer, and the Auto West BMW dealership can be a perfect choice. Located in Richmond, BC, our Certified BMW dealership has been offering high-quality service and exceptional sales since 1986.


Auto West BMW is a proud member of Auto West Group, a prominent Canadian luxury automotive retailer. Thanks to the wide variety of cars and exceptional customer service, the Richmond-based dealership is the right place to buy a new or a pre-owned BMW. In this article, we’ll explain the five fundamental reasons for buying a used BMW at our dealership.



Decades of Experience


Auto West BMW has served the local community for nearly four decades, opening its doors to customers in 1986. The dealership started as a modest, small family-owned business in the 1960s. Thanks to our decades-long experience in the luxury automotive industry and high standards in delivering premium client experiences, we rank among the leading dealerships in Canada. 



Auto West BMW has an award-winning staff. This is a dealership where the customer comes first, with each team member contributing to delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Our dealership will help you find the most suitable car for you. Not only does the dealership assist you in finding a car, but it also offers exceptional service and maintenance rates if you’re driving an older car.

Professional Team


The Richmond-based dealership boasts multilingual customer service - you can access the website and the information in your preferred language. 




Quick credit approval is another reason why purchasing a used BMW at Auto West is best. You don’t have to worry about the timing of your credit request approval. You can spend more time exploring the variety of cars, while the dealership can approve your request within several hours. 




At Auto West BMW, you can find an extensive selection of pre-owned or brand-new cars. We are one of the largest BMW stores in Canada, meaning you have a greater chance of finding the vehicle that best suits your needs. Moreover, the company’s thorough reconditioning process ensures that some pre-owned vehicles are in better shape than competitors’ new cars.




We’ve already discussed Auto West’s extraordinary guest experience, wide variety and award-winning team, but that’s not everything the dealership offers. We are taking care of the environment by introducing impressive sustainability features. The dealership has installed BC’s singular commercial vertical-axis wind turbine, set up a series of rooftop solar panels, and reduced water consumption. 


That being said, Auto West BMW is the most sustainable BMW dealership. Purchasing a pre-owned BMW from our dealership is wise and helpful for the environment. 




Auto West BMW is one of the best BMW dealerships in Canada. Taking high-quality customer service and a wide variety into account, we are the perfect place to buy a pre-owned BMW.

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