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Why Buy A Demo?



Have you heard of the term ‘demonstrator’ or ‘demo’ and ever wondered what that is and why people often recommend to buy one? A demo is a new BMW Sedan or SUV that was used for promotional purposes at our dealership, either for test drives or training, and has not yet been registered by an owner.
Our Executive Management and Sales Team have carefully driven this vehicle for a few of months to allow time to become more familiar with new models and features in order to serve you better. These new vehicles with very few kilometres are then returned to our inventory at a reduced price.


Cost Savings: Looking for a good deal on a new car? You can purchase a brand new BMW with a steep discount allowing for reduced monthly payments. This is your best option to get a new vehicle at a great price.
Peace Of Mind: Demo vehicles have been cared for and monitored by our Executive Sales Team and all services recorded for you to see.
Free Scheduled Maintenance: Demos are unregistered new vehicles,therefore they are covered by BMW’s No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance* which covers many of your vehicle’s essential servicing needs at no additional charge.
Auto West BMW has one of the largest selection of demo vehicles in the city and we offer exceptional savings. Browse our current demo inventory now and reserve yours for an ultimate test drive experience.

**Coverage begins on the date of sale, or the date the vehicle is placed in service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever comes first.