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Electric iX and i4 with Special Offers. Shop Now

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Why We Love BMW M

Why We Love BMW M

United by passion and love for adrenaline, power, and perfection, enthusiastic fans, drivers, and M aficionados around the world are both admiring past achievements and looking forward to a new era of possibilities as BMW M celebrates this jubilee year. The blue, red, and dark blue M logo represents 50 years of fascinating history and community and so much more. Let’s look into why we’re all in love with BMW M. 



BMW Motorsport GmbH was founded in 1972 and represented by three colours, blue, violet, and red, that are still synonymous with motorsport royalty. Blue stands for BMW, red for motorsport, and violet for the unique combination of the two. These colours were proudly displayed on various touring cars that clinched many victories.


  • Between 1973 and 1979, the BMW 3.0 CSL won 6 victories in 6 years at the European Championship.
  • The race version of the BMW 2002 ti was unbeatable in the touring car class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1975.
  • BMW M1 super sports car won the Group B class two years in a row in 1984 and 1985 in Le Mans.
  • After 4,967 kilometers of racing, the BMW V12 LMR run by BMW Team Schnitzer crossed the finish line first to take victory in Le Mans on June 13th, 1999.
  • A street version of the BMW M1, with a top speed of 264.7 km/h and record holder for the fastest production sports car in Germany for eight long years, was the first prize and highly desired by Formula 1 world champions.
  • After just 630 days in Formula 1 for BMW Motorsport GmbH, Nelson Piquet became world champion with his Brabham BMW Turbo BT52 in the 1980s.



The letter M was incorporated into the BMW M logo in 1978 with the launch of the BMW M1. With three coloured stripes leaning towards the M, designer Giorgio Giugiaro intended to emphasize the speed and dynamism of the BMW M series. This symbol has continued to define all BMW M models to this day and has been carefully refined throughout the years, with the most recent change in 2020. It is now two dimensions and features light blue, dark blue, red, and a white “M”.



BMW M ownership is irresistible and this feeling stems from both the love for the world’s greatest cars and its community. People from all over the world are united by their experiences, language, and passion for learning and exploring. Our M vehicles may be all different, but we are all one team.



During this special BMW M anniversary year, exclusive product offerings will be made available for purchase with your new BMW M car or a BMW model equipped with an M Sport package. 


  • Anniversary edition emblem (front, rear and wheel hubs) inspired by the classic “BMW Motorsport” logo. 
  • Iconic and historically significant paint finishes will be available on select models.
  • Special Edition M models.


Shop our M models here, or contact us today for details on placing a custom order. 


Join us this jubilee year as we celebrate our next “M” race, the future. We welcome all with open arms as we learn and thrive together. Chat with us online or at 604-273-2217.


We are one team and we’re just getting started.

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