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Invitational Sales Event Ends May 26 Shop Now

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Which BMW Fits Your 2021 Goals?

Which BMW Fits Your 2021 Goals?

More than ever for this new year at Auto West BMW, we’re thrilled to help you gear up and re-energize your daily routine with a new ride. There’s a Bimmer for every individual! To celebrate the excitement and motivation of the new year, keep reading to find out which BMW fits your 2021 needs and goals. 




Times are changing, and 2021 will continue to evolve. Whether you’re driving for business, a spontaneous adventure, or some quality family time, the BMW X Series is the perfect fit for your versatile lifestyle. 



For the busy parents out there, the BMW X5 will fit your every need. Equipped with new technologies and features, it’s at the top of the game for safety and comfort. Paired with a refined and striking design language (inside and out), it truly is the gold standard for premium SUVs. Take a peek at our inventory here



One of the most anticipated models, the first-ever BMW X7 is the magnitude of elegance. Impressiveness is unrivaled with the centrepiece of the striking double kidney grille, up to seven first-class seats, and a meticulously designed interior. It’s everything you would expect plus more, take a look for yourself here.




Define your new year with high performance and thrill with the BMW M lineup. Enjoy the fresh start and choose from a wide range of reputable sporty styles. Make 2021 the year our sports cars achieve your car lover dreams.


BMW M3 Sedan & M4 Coupé 

The duo is back with a new look and we’re excited to showcase the details this year. Available in manual transmission and for the first time ever, M xDrive all-wheel-drive! The presence, power and performance will leave you more than satisfied (let’s just say 503 hp with the exclusive Competition models). 



Representing modernity and athleticism and designed for exhilarating rides, the BMW M5 means business. Its interior is driver-oriented and optimized for performance-style driving. And the exterior is exactly what you would envision a luxury sports sedan to be—aggressively powerful yet refined. Click here to see for yourself.




Sustainable driving is the new normal, and the future is closer than ever with BMW’s Electric and Plug-in Hybrid offerings. Electric or gas, the ultimate driving experience will not be compromised. Here are just two of several models for the environmentally conscious. 


BMW 330e

This iconic 3 Series variant comes in the form of a plug-in hybrid. Its highly efficient combination of electric motor and the BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine offers maximum flexibility, and is perfectly suited for individual requirements and needs of your everyday travel. It’s the best of both worlds with the eco-friendly incentive.  


BMW i3 

An innovative, compact and fully electric BMW. The i3 is here for your everyday commute and equipped for all your adventures in between. More range means more electrifying driving pleasure! The ultimate driving experience is sustainable and convenient. Check it out here.




Our list won’t be complete without mentioning our iconic BMW sedans. Keep it classy with our world class mobile fleets. Functional and a classic, what more can you ask for? 


BMW 5 Series

Add the 5 Series to your test-drive list to experience the spacious and plush cabin yourself. The sedan prioritizes luxury and tasteful styling to make your everyday commute pleasant every time. And with a bonus, the upgraded driver assistance for 2021 is the epitome of convenience. 


BMW 7 Series 

If you’re looking for the culmination of upscale luxury, make sure to take a look at the 7 Series Sedan. Soft suspension, quiet cabin, and pampered luxury features blended into one. It’s luxury and excellence at its finest! 


Think you’ve found the perfect fit for you? Contact us to book yourself a test drive today, or simply start shopping on our website with our easy-to-use online shopping tools.

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