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Electric iX and i4 with Special Offers. Shop Now

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Let’s Talk About Maintenance and a Golden Opportunity

Let’s Talk About Maintenance and a Golden Opportunity

Your BMW is your pride and joy. Your perfect companion that makes every drive undeniably thrilling wherever the open road takes you. As a product of passion for power and dynamics, coupled with innovative modern design, your BMW is an investment that is capable of unlimited possibilities. With some tender loving care in the form of regular maintenance, boundless driving pleasure will surely take you wherever your heart desires. Let’s dive into the different ways that you can keep your Bimmer in top shape! 


You’re Covered: No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance.


Every new BMW comes with No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance at any authorized BMW Retailer or BMW Service Centre in Canada and covers many of your vehicle’s essential servicing needs at no extra cost. Our BMW Certified Technicians will service your vehicle using only Original BMW Parts.


Your regular scheduled maintenance includes:

  • Engine oil service
  • Brake fluid service
  • Vehicle check*
  • Service or replacement of air and microfilters*
  • Spark plugs*

*Varies by model. Speak with our Service Department for full details.


BMWs purchased from an authorized BMW Retailer in Canada are covered by No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance for a period of 4 years or 80,000 km (whichever occurs first) for models 2021 and prior. Model years 2022 and beyond will be covered for 3 years or 60,000 km.


If you are unsure of your service needs, our Spring Safety Inspection now available for only $39.99 gives you peace of mind that everything is working at tip-top shape. This is a limited time offer and may change without notice. You can learn more about it on our Service Specials page, click here


The Right Set of Tires & Wheels for the Season.


Now that the warm weather has taken its hold and subzero temperatures become a distant memory, there’s no place for winter tires other than in storage. Our secure tire storage makes it a breeze to conveniently and securely store your winter tires. Your special set of wheels will be tagged and coded to your personal account and ready for you when you need them again. 


Driving on your winter tires in warmer months is not the best choice for a few reasons.


Reduction in your tires’ lifespan.

Warm and hot road surfaces lead to the rubber compound of your winter tires to wear quickly and unevenly. What should be made to last a few seasons will need to be replaced sooner if mounted on 365 days a year. 


Decrease in performance.

The soft and squishier compound of winter tires is made for slush, ice, and snow. Driving them in warmer weather leads to a decrease in braking response and maneuvering. Let’s also not forget the noise that comes with driving winters on dry pavement. 


Decline in fuel economy.

You’ll be spending more time and money at the pump with all the rolling resistance caused by driving your winter tires during the off-season.


Now that we’ve gone over the cons of driving your winters during warmer months, you’ll be pleased to hear that our BMW Certified Technicians at Auto West BMW are here to help you transition seamlessly to your summer wheels. From our tire rotation special and wheel alignment (currently 25% off) to our summer wheel packages and price match on Star Approved Tires, you’ll be set to follow every twist and turn, and find joy around every bend this spring and summer season. 


Like every piece of distinctly designed element in your Bimmer, BMW-approved tires are optimally tuned for each model and earn a star approval for meeting the highest standards. Your BMW, like you, deserves nothing but the best. 

Auto West BMW Gold Summer Wheels

Golden Opportunity.


We’re so excited for the full range of Gold Summer Wheel offerings that are now available for further personalization on your BMW. Giving your BMW a completely new and unique character to stand out from the crowd! Speak with our Parts Department for more information or to order a set. 


Whether you are ready to schedule a safe and limited-contact service appointment online or have questions about your BMW, our friendly and knowledgeable Service Team is here to help both virtually and in-store.


You can contact our Service Department at 604-303-8000 or email us at info@autowestbmw.com. To stay up to date with the latest information, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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