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Is My Car's Maintenance Schedule Affected by My Driving Habits?

Is My Car's Maintenance Schedule Affected by My Driving Habits?

Different driving habits affect the wear and tear of a car, and the magnitude of a BMW owner’s daily driving habits has a major impact on a vehicle’s engine, brakes, and fuel efficiency. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common driving habits that may be damaging to your car.



Abrupt stops can be unavoidable in challenging situations, but aggressive braking is primarily the result of poor anticipation and attention when you’re behind the wheel. Together with aggressive acceleration, both these habits will wear out the brake pads and rotors and hence significantly reduce the mechanical efficiency of your BMW.


If your car has the capacity to tow and you’re hauling extra weight, one of the most important habits to be aware of is “riding the brakes” while towing. This is when you are applying constant light pressure to control the speed of your vehicle. When going downhill, riding the brake places additional stress on your brake system, and in extreme cases, excessive brake riding can lead to the boiling of your brake fluid.



Cold starts put your BMW to the test, and this occurs when you start your car after it’s been sitting inactive for a while. The engine will tend to have difficulty lubricating the transmission after a prolonged time of not being in use. The life expectancy of your vehicle’s engine will be affected if repeated cold starting sessions occur. Revving up the engine after a cold start can be further detrimental to the engine. It’s recommended that you maintain an engine speed below 2,000 RPM during the first few kilometres of driving.



Driving short distances of less than 8 km continually will also put your BMW at risk. Your car will be operating without reaching its maximum performance and efficiency as it never has the opportunity to heat up appropriately.


Driving your BMW at least once a month, ideally in highway traffic, for 20 to 30 minutes allows your car to reach its peak operating conditions and reduce the impact of short trips as this will:


  • Help remove carbon deposits from valves
  • Allow engine oil to reach its maximum pressure
  • Lubricate internal seals in the engine
  • Allow the transmission to engage all gears



Some drivers may be tempted to stretch the limits of their vehicle’s fuel tank. The temptation to delay even though the gauge is perilously low will eventually lead to more costly repairs in the future. Modern-day cars have engines that need to be submerged in fuel to remain cool, and having a small amount of fuel leads to your engine pump heating up and wearing out quickly. 


As a fuel gauge daredevil, you will place unnecessary stress on your fuel system through an increase in the amount of sediment build-up in the engine. This is also known as driving on fumes and can:


  • Clog the fuel filter
  • Burn out the fuel pump
  • Hamper the fuel injector



To maintain an efficient car transmission, allow your vehicle to come to a stop before changing gears. Shifting gears with the help of the hydraulic coupling system from drive to reverse, or vice versa, before allowing your car to stop completely will wear down your transmission band.


Having your BMW equipped with winter tires this season will give you much more traction and control as the temperature drops 7°C and below. Make the switch and take advantage of our BMW Approved Winter Wheel Packages now to avoid wait times once the ice and snow hit the ground. Have your BMW equipped and enjoy all the winter adventures that our city has to offer this coming season. Plus, don't miss out on Winter Tire Manufacturer Rebates, click here to see details.


At Auto West BMW we are committed to helping you maintain your BMW. Our experienced Service and Parts teams are here to help with any questions you may have. Give us a call at 604-303-8000 or book an appointment on our website. 

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