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Shop Over 50 New Arrivals Today - See Our Holiday Incentives. Learn More

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Electrify Your Drive Today: Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss

Electrify Your Drive Today: Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss

Electrification is part of the puzzle when it comes to achieving an environmentally friendly and emission-free future. With sustainability being a key focus, our team at the BMW Group is committed to expanding its fleet to 25 electrified models globally by 2023. “We don’t do sustainability at BMW. We make BMW sustainable.” - Oliver Zipse – Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.


Our line of fully electric vehicles, such as the all-new BMW iX, i3, and versatile fleet of plug-in hybrids offers convenience, flexibility, and unparalleled attractiveness on a whole new level. Coupled with the wide range of benefits available to local electric vehicle owners in BC, there’s never been a better time to take a refreshing leap into a greener future. We’ve highlighted a few of the advantages that battery-powered technology has to offer in celebration of Earth Month!


Instant Response Paired with Peaceful Pleasure.

Electrified mobility delivers 100% instant acceleration with absolutely zero delays. This new sensation not only blows you away with the exhilarating satisfaction of the G-force that’s unique to EVs, but you’ll take pleasure in gliding almost silently through urban or rural traffic. 


Take Charge Towards a More Sustainable Future.

Reducing your carbon footprint with each charge feels pretty good already. But, BC residents make an even bigger impact with the clean energy we produce in this province as 97% of the electricity generated by BC Hydro is hydroelectric. You’re fighting climate change every day as you cruise silently around town. 


Enjoy Cost Savings from the Start.

With certain models, you’ll be happy to know that savings begin even before your first charge. There are many incentives to enjoy when purchasing an EV in Metro Vancouver including federal programs, local BC rebates, and the Scrap-It program. 


EV owners will also appreciate the reduction in fuel costs and maintenance needed throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. The unique regenerative braking system allows for recharging to take place as you’re driving and your friction brakes also get much less use. 


Ready When You Need.

The number of charging stations within BC and the rest of North America continues to grow as the world strives towards a zero-emission future. Many of the Level 2 and Fast Charge stations are free or available for a minimal cost! There are currently five service networks that provide charging stations in BC. 


If you’re worried about being stranded, rest assured that the likelihood of this happening is no more than that of a gas car. There are various apps available to make juicing up a breeze. 


The BMW iRemote app shows you information including car location, range, battery charge level, service messages, and information on whether the doors are locked and the lights are off. The dynamic range map also shows the destinations and location of charging stations. Plugshare is another tool that provides comprehensive information on charging stations throughout North America. 


Making a conscious effort towards a more sustainable future has never been easier or enjoyable. Supreme comfort, maximum efficiency with minimal footprint, and exclusive dynamics are available with BMW’s fully-electric and plug-in hybrid models. Take advantage of what beautiful British Columbia has to offer this year. You’re only limited by your imagination. 


From the comfort of your home, you can start shopping our plug-in hybrid models here: 3 Series 330e, 5 Series 530e, X3 xDrive30e


The all-new fully electric BMW iX SUV will be launching later this year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest information, or contact one of our Sales Consultants at or 604-273-2217. We will also be more than happy to assist you on our Live Chat (click on the chat widget at the bottom of the screen).  

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