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Electric iX and i4 with Special Offers. Shop Now

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3 Exhilarating Reasons to Go BMW Electric

3 Exhilarating Reasons to Go BMW Electric

Going electric is on a lot of our minds nowadays and recent record gas prices have offered an extra push for those who were sitting on the fence. If you’ve made up your mind to go electric, then you’ve probably arrived at the stage of choosing an EV (electric vehicle). There’s a vast array of options nowadays, but we have the top three reasons why you should choose an electric BMW. Let’s dive into the details below.




The first topic that comes to mind when switching to an EV is electrical juice. From range and charging time to the location of top-up stations, these are all integral parts of an EV owner’s day-to-day routine. Although all these components are extremely important, we must also look at the source of the power, mainly the high-voltage battery technology itself.


On top of having three charging options to choose from, Universal Level 1, faster Level 2 AC, and fastest Level 3 DC fast charging, electric BMWs boast a whole lot more when it comes to the latest battery technology and design efficiencies.


Cutting Edge Battery Cell Technology and Design Efficiencies.


  • The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology in the latest BMW iX and i4 includes a high-voltage battery with state-of-the-art battery cell technology. Electric motors work according to the principle of an electrically excited synchronous unit delivering instantaneous power sustained over a broad rev band.
  • The i4 and iX also boast an integral heating and cooling system with a heat pump function for the interior, and a system that can help harness excess heat from drive units to help keep the battery warm in the cold. 
  • Anticipatory thermal management for the high-voltage battery optimizes charging efficiency.
  • Adaptive recuperation of braking energy increases efficiency and enables one-pedal feeling, plus the use of the coasting function depending on need and the traffic situation.


Control the Way You Charge with a Touch of Your Fingers Through the My BMW App.


Take charge of your BMW through the many functions and information exclusively available through the My BMW App including:


  • Pre-conditioning your BMW: Remotely activating your BMW’s heating and cooling system also helps to optimize range.
  • View current charge status: Get a glimpse of your BMW’s charge level at any moment.
  • Schedule charging times: Activate your BMW to charge immediately or schedule preferred charging times.
  • Find charging stations with ease: Finding one of the over 6,000 BMW Compatible Level 2 AC or Level 3 DC Fast Charging locations across Canada is always just a few taps away.
  • Plan your trip by charge: For longer trips, you can use the BMW Public Charging Map to plan your route and help you recharge along the way.




At BMW, sustainability is not an aspiration for the future, it’s happening now. Owning a BMW means that you are actively participating in a sustainability movement. 


A Reduction in Emission Starts Before the First Charge. 


  • Since 2020, all vehicle production plants worldwide have been exclusively supplied with electricity from renewable energy sources with the BMW iX and i4 powered entirely by hydroelectricity.
  • 99% of waste generated in BMW production plants is recycled and reused.
  • BMW takes back all used BMW high-voltage batteries worldwide for recycling.


Sustainability Details in the BMW iX and i4 Include:


  • Recycled Fishing Nets: A high proportion of the materials used for floor coverings and floor mats in the BMW iX are made from nylon produced from old fishing nets recovered from the sea.
  • FSC-Certified Wood: The optional glass and wood controls on the control panel and centre console of the BMW iX are made from sustainably grown wood with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.
  • No Rare Earth Materials: The electric motors of the BMW i4 are made without the use of rare earth materials.
  • Sustainably Sourced Cobalt: The proportion of cobalt in the latest generation of BMW battery cells is less than 10%. Cobalt is only procured from suppliers that implement high sustainability and corporate responsibility standards.



With long ranges of up to 521 km in the BMW iX and 484 km in the BMW i4, you’ll be able to choose freely between city driving or longer trips. Coupled with supreme handling of the BMW eDrive technology and holistically designed cabins, every drive will leave you wanting for more.


As soon as you step into the BMW iX and i4 you’ll be mesmerized by the BMW curved display, installed for the first time in a production vehicle, that serves as the central display and control element. The 12.3” information display merges with the 14.9” Control Display to form a single unit and creates the impression of a free-floating picture frame on the instrument panel.


The BMW iX and i4 are currently available at our dealership for test drives. Contact us today online or over the phone at 604-273-2217 to schedule an appointment, and experience a whole different level of possibilities and luxury.

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