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You're cruising a beautiful mountain road, your BMW's engine singing, and the corner beckons for just a little bit extra as you pull out of the apex - that's when you're relying on your vehicle's parts most of all. When you service your BMW with genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, you can rely on your BMW when it counts the most.

So why choose OEM parts from Auto West BMW? Because we are your source for Genuine BMW car parts in Richmond, North Vancouver, and Burnaby, British Columbia. If you plan on bringing your vehicle in for service with us, you can be confident it will perform as well as the day it left the showroom floor. We offer competitive prices and a large selection of luxury car parts for all BMW models. 

So Order Your Parts today, or Contact Us if you're not sure which parts you need. By getting all your parts and accessories through us ensures that your BMW's parts meets manufacturer standards for excellence in performance and longevity.


Original BMW Accessories

Customize your BMW to suit your style. Auto West BMW is your source for genuine BMW accessories and apparel. Choose from our range of luxury car accessories, all designed to perfectly fit the interior or exterior of your BMW vehicle. There can only be one Ultimate Driving Experience. Complement it with Genuine BMW Accessories from Auto West BMW.

BMW Tire Packages

Your tires are your only connection to the road. As such, no other accessory gives you more control over the feel and handling of your vehicle. As temperatures drop, wheels and tires also become essential for your BMW's safety. If safety and performance are your priorities, there can only be one choice: BMW Approved Tire Packages. These quality-engineered tires receive a star (*) marking to designate they have met the highest standards.

Auto West BMW serves Richmond, North Vancouver, White Rock, and Burnaby, British Columbia. Visit our dealership today to find a tire package suitable for your vehicle.

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