2016 BMW 3 Series in Richmond, BC

The BMW 3 Series
Command Performance.

Few BMW vehicles match up in versatility to the new 3 Series lineup. And now these vehicles have arrived and are ready for sale at Auto West BMW in Richmond, BC.

Did you want the Hybrid, the classic Sedan, the Cabriolet, the Touring (wagon), or the Gran Turismo hatchback? With five engine choices, including the ActiveHybrid and the diesel 328d, there's a flavour for any performance taste. Plenty of choices, but the kind of choices you want. With optional leather and sport seating, ample room to stretch out, and a host of infotainment technologies like in-car Facebook and and Bluetooth streaming music connection, the new 3 Series manages once again to capture the overall essence of prestige and sophistication that BMW drivers could not help but be disappointed with should it ever have been lacking.

The 2017 3 Series models are currently here in our Auto West showroom to test drive and explore. We also carry a great stock of older models and certified pre-owned 3 Series vehicles.

2017 BMW 3 Series Safety

BMW 3 Series Safety

The 2017 BMW 3 Series lineup protects you whether you're avoiding collisions, or in the unfortunate event of entering one. In addition to the all-encompassing airbags, stability and traction control, and self-wiping anti-lock brake system, car safety buffs will also be interested in the BMW Assist emergency communications systems that alerts authorities in the event of a collision, sending help to your location, or with the available lane departure warning and parking sensors that are only the first taste of advanced safety features available in some of the 3 Series' higher trim levels.

2017 BMW 3 Series Performance & Economy

BMW 3 Series Performance & Economy

The 2017 fleet of BMW 3 Series are offered in both RWD and xDrive, the company's special AWD package. What drivers can expect is a range of turbocharged engines, ones that are now so responsive that you'll never find yourself wondering when the turbo will "kick in." The base offering coming in the 320i and 328i is a 2.0L four-cylinder that gets a heady 7.2 L/100km in gas mileage, or 33 miles per gallon. Meanwhile, the big gun in this segment is the 320 hp six-cylinder engine in the 340i. Automatic-equipped cars have an available Sport transmission variant which features steering wheel paddle shifters to give you that added sense of control. And you'll also love that both the manual and the automatic come with a start-stop function to turn off the engine when the car stops to save fuel.

BMW Parts & Accessories

BMW 3 Series Parts & Accessories

Once you have your BMW 3 Series, you'll want to keep it in prime operating performance by bringing it to factory-trained service technicians at our Auto West BMW Service Centre. Here, from customizing your car with parts like the BMW 3 Series rims, wheels, and tires, or checking the working order of standard equipment like belts, hoses, and coolant reservoirs, we do it all. Please feel free to schedule your next service appointment using our online booking tool, or order the parts online and BMW accessories you want for your 3 Series.

2017 BMW 3 Series Interior

BMW 3 Series Interior

A fine mesh of the storied history of BMW motors, along with its successful present, and a glimpse into the future, the interior design of the 3 Series vehicles offers a satisfying homage to the many eras of this legendary auto maker. Remaining are the big analog gauges familiar to lifetime beamer owners, but now set alongside the 6.5-inch media display screen, which can stream your iPhone and USB content with little difficulty, and can be widened to an 8.8-inch screen in higher trims. Space is generously apportioned, with 53 cubic feet available in the wagon versions with the seats laid flat. Meanwhile, BC drivers might be attracted to the Cold Weather package, which provides heated seats in both rows, and a heated steering wheel that gives the first exciting trace at how BMW designs small but invaluable comforts throughout these fine cars.

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