Classic BMW Service at Auto West BMW

Auto West BMW Classic Service

For BMWs 7+ Years

Most cars quickly lose their luster after five or ten years, and most of them are certainly not considered classics. But you didn't buy "most cars."

At Auto West BMW, we believe first-class service should come at a price, but not a premium. Your BMW should deliver the Ultimate Driving Experience at any age. That's why we offer specialized service packages meant for BMW owners who continue to care for their older vintage vehicles. Your loyalty and high standards deserve to be rewarded.

Classic Service

- For BMWs 7+ years
- Automatic eligibility
- Reduced labour rate up to 15% OFF*
- Parts at 10% OFF**

Complimentary Classic Services

- Vehicle wash
- Interior vacuum

For more information or to book an appointment, call us in the Richmond area at 604-303-8000 or e-mail

*Classic Service discount only applicable for BMWs 7 years old or older. 15% off labour rate does not include courtesy cars (shuttle service available). 10% off labour rate includes mobility services (courtesy car, shuttle service, valet with vehicle drop-off). **10% off on parts applies to retail priced items only. Classic Service discount excludes value-priced packages and maintenance items which include, but are not limited to, brakes, water pump, clutch, fluid flushes, filter changes, oil change/services, tire replacement, and alignments. Not applicable with any other discount offers.


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