2016 BMW i8 Series at Auto West BMW in Richmond BC

The BMW i8
The Most Progressive Sports Car.

In an age where ultra-luxury performance vehicles seem to stand in defiance against the growing movement towards sustainable and clean transportation, BMW has seemed to stand up and announce itself a leader in this hitherto cautious field. And to mark this event, they've unveiled possibly one of the most visually stunning vehicles of all time.

We're talking about the new BMW i8, which is available to residents in Richmond and the B.C. coastal region here at Auto West BMW. (Well, with a starting price tag of $150,000, it's available in the same range as Cartier watches or private meetings with Barack Obama are available.) A plug-in electric hybrid that simultaneously delivers one of the best fuel-efficiencies on the market along with one of the top performance ratings and red-carpet body designs, "elegant" is not a strong enough word for to what the i8 aspires. Scissor doors, dual kidney grilles and elongated windshields, and a glowing LED ribbon structure that leaves it looking like something out of Tron, this ride is not for the affluent who desire to deflect attention.

For now, read more about the model highlights, doing their best to capture the elusive it-factor of the new i8 hybrid.

2016 BMW i8 Interior

2016 BMW i8 Interior, Auto West BMW, Richmond BC

After the rush of opening its swing-up wing doors, you might even forget that there's more to discover inside the new 2016 BWM i8. Ignore features for now. Like a high end restaurant, the emphasis isn't placed on quantity, but on presentation. Right away, you'll get a full-body sense of how lightweight and low to the ground this vehicle is, amplifying the feeling of speed and solidity. The multiple tones of the carbon fiber elements and sustainable materials making up the interior can also be adjusted: its already lit up like a national monument, but this might be one of the first interiors that lets you adjust mood lighting, including the swooping LED ribbon of blue, amber, or white. Finally, drivers will also appreciate the curves of the central control panel, which is angled subtly towards the driver, its total effect one as smooth as polished marble. It might be something you'll need to accept: exiting the new i8 will be an inevitable disappointment.

2016 BMW i8 Engines & Performance

2016 BMW i8 Engines & Performance, Auto West BMW, Richmond BC

Diversify your engine portfolio and hedge your risks with the new 2016 BMW i8 duo of power-trains. The plug-in i8 combines both a traditional gas engine with a 96kW (131hp) electric motor, with the ability for both to operate at the same time for a combined 362 horsepower. Even in pure electric mode, the i8 can go from parked to 60km/h in just 4.5 seconds, reaching a top speed for 120 km/h on electricity alone. But don't worry, you can hit up to 250 km/h with the 3-cylinder gas engine taking over the majority of duties, still maintaining an 8.3L/100km combined fuel efficiency in gas mode alone, almost unheard of for a luxury sports car. Do you have two hours to inspect the new 2016  i8? That's as fast as it takes to fully charge its electric motor.

2016 BMW i8 Safety

2016 BMW i8 Safety, Auto West BMW, Richmond BC

Let's face it, this blurb on the new i8 coupe is mostly superficial. Because there won't be many of these exotic plug-ins out on the market, it won't likely be crash tested by the major government and insurance agencies. You'll just need to bank on years of BMW safety engineering, six standard airbags, and a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body shell to keep you safe in the event of a collision. But we're also hoping that the world's first laser high-beam headlights get approved by North American regulatory agencies, because as tests in Germany demonstrate, these auto-dimming high beams give a clearer and longer range of light than any other headlight on the market today, with smart technology to keep them from blinding oncoming drivers (you want them to see you in your sexy new car). Most likely, your biggest risk while driving the new 2016 BMW i8 is being high fived to death.

BMW i-Series Parts & Accessories

2016 BMW i8 Parts & Accessories, Auto West BMW, Richmond BC

Even for a vehicle as rare as Powerball winners, you'll still be able to find the parts, accessories, and necessary service you need for your 2016 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid here at Auto West BMW in Richmond. From routine oil changes, to engine maintenance or repairs, trust the health of your most prized possession to our experience technicians. For your convenience, you may either order parts online or book your next service appointment here through our website.

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