2016 BMW i3 Series at Auto West BMW in Richmond BC

The all-electric BMW i3
The New Form of Driving Pleasure.

We have been waiting for a while now for the high-end luxury auto makers to take their shot at the desirable earth-friendly vehicle segment. Well, BMW now makes an offering that has leapfrogged it to the front of the pack for plug-in electric luxury cars. That vehicle is the new BMW i3, and it is available for sale in Richmond at Auto West BMW.

It's not just how fuel efficient it is, or how compact it is (1.5 feet shorter than the Nissan Leaf), or how narrow its turning radius allows it to navigate tight urban neighbourhoods: it might just be the most quiet vehicle that you've ever been in. Need we remind you that it is also a BMW, carrying with it the same uncompromising high standards that go into every element of its design, from new engine parts, to the multi-colour palette and patterns available for new owners. This 5-door subcompact makes its case to be not only just as strong-performing as 90% of its domestic rivals, but also just as safe, starting from its carbon-fiber enhanced passenger shell.

Until the more exclusive i8 hybrid sports coupe, the BMW i3 is the more accessable 4-door city car available to test drive and own in BMW's newest lineup, the BMW i Series. We can only expect more great things to come from this engineering and design team, and when we do, you can be sure to find them all at our Richmond dealership.

The i3 might not be suitable for every lifestyle; but it is perfectly tailored to the life in the big city, making it ideal for residents in the Metro Vancouver region. Come test drive one today.

2015 BMW i3 Design

2016 BMW i3 Looks

The looks of the 2015 BMW i3 make it impossible to confuse with the rest of the BMW series. Starting up front, where its blue-contoured dual kidney grilles kickstart this new era for the German auto maker, to the French-style side doors that make entering into the back seat more comfortable than in any coupe, this new BMW provides many personality statements for the drivers that are not satisfied with the traditional black look. (Yes, it offers that, too.) On the inside, the 2015 i3 will surprise and delight with exclusive use of recycled, eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, this compact city car feels positively airy due to its centre console-less seating area. 

2015 BMW i3 Performance & Economy

2016 BMW i3 Performance & Economy

Most plug-in electric car drivers don't buy their vehicles for their power numbers. But the 2015 BMW i3 is not just any other vehicle. It converts its 125 kW(170 hp) electric motor's output into 184 lb-ft of torque, and gets from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.2 seconds, a happy result for any other domestic car owner. Adding to its easy navigation, smooth handling, and tight 32.3-ft turning radius is its glee-inducing fuel efficiency: the i3 pulls out 12.9kWh/100km, or 124MPGe, meaning that it travels 124 miles from the same energy that would be produced in one gallon of gasoline. Say goodbye gas pump, and hello to the socket.

BMW i3 Parts & Accessories

2016 BMW i3 Series Parts and Accessories at Auto West BMW

The launch of the new electric lineup from BMW means a new series of parts, accessories, and expertise that will be available at our Richmond BMW Parts & Service Centre. With technology this new, don't trust your vehicle to anyone other than the BMW factory-trained and updated technicians at our dealership. We will carry the full range of BMW i Series pieces you need to keep your ride running as smoothly and as silently as you want, including upgrades to the BMW i transmission, BMW i car seat, and BMW i car starter, to name a few. Feel free to book your next service appointment online, no matter what you drive.

2015 BMW i3 Safety

2016 BMW i3 Safety

The 2015 BMW i3 is getting stellar safety reviews from the top automotive critics so far. It's likely due to the standard offering of BMW passive and active safety features, which you can discover when researching any of the other vehicles we profile. But this subcompact electric holds its own in collisions thanks in part to its surprisingly strong and rigid carbon-fiber reinforced plastic body shell, which keeps the passenger compartment intact at crashes at or less than 40 miles per hour, due to its well-engineered system of energy transfer.

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