2016 BMW 6 Series in Richmond BC at Auto West BMW

The BMW 6 Series
Ready, Set, Gone.

The 2017 BMW 6 Series is a perfect marriage of form and function. Its form is a 2-door Coupé, open-air Cabriolet, or 4-door Gran Coupé with strong, organic flowing lines that suggest a tensed calf muscle ready to leap forward and gain long stretches of roadway. Its function is transporting four passengers and all their golf or skiing gear in ultimate comfort.

If your personality dictates owning a luxury car that can carve up a track circuit just as readily as it hurtles up icy mountain roads, call our sales team at 604-273-2217. We can even arrange for you to pick up your 2017 6 Series right from the factory through BMW's famous European Delivery Program. We love to fulfill our clients' automotive dreams with the premium car they've been waiting for. Or if you'd prefer to see what we have in stock at our Metro Vancouver Area BMW dealership, visit our new and Certified Pre-Owned 6 Series inventory page.

2017 BMW 6 Series Engine Performance

2016 BMW 6 Series Engine Performance in Richmond BC

Ask BMW engineers about the 2017 650i's engine and they will grin, handing you the keys to find out for yourself. The sole powertrain in the Coupé, Gran Coupé, and drop-top Cabriolet is the 4.4L TwinPower turbocharged V8 that cranks out an astounding 445 horsepower and 480 lbs-ft of torque. With output numbers that high, like trying to count the grains of sand on a beach, it's hard to fathom. But when you nudge the accelerator, this big, luxurious coupe springs forward and gains speed with such enthusiasm, you're going to want to watch your speedometer - it's that quick. And even though you have such a large corral of stallions at your disposal, the 2017 650i returns a very manageable 11.0 L/100km combined fuel efficiency.


2017 BMW 6 Series Safety Technology

2016 BMW 6 Series Safety in Richmond BC

You've made the most of your weekend ski getaway to Whistler, BC, but now that the low winter sun has sunk behind the mountains, you're facing a very dark drive back into Van City. Sure, the LED headlamps light up the roadway and cleverly curve to the road with every steering input, but there are still hazards that can leap out in front of you: namely moose and deer. That's why you can order your 2017 BMW 6 Series with Night Vision technology. An infrared camera mounted in the twin kidney grille feeds a bright, highly defined (for up to 300 meters) nighttime image into your centre dash display. It will even alert you should an obstacle approach the vehicle.

2017 BMW 6 Series Interior Features

2016 BMW 6 Series Interior in Richmond BC

Like its flowing exterior, the cabin of the 2017 BMW 6 Series wasn't just designed, it was sculpted. Available fine leather can be order to coat every surface, bound by tasteful white stitching. Every drive will be a delight for the senses, particularly the ears. There's a deep burble emanating through the V8's dual exhaust, every musical instrument perfectly represented through the studio-quality Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System, and with the folding soft convertible top in the 2017 BMW 6 Series Cabriolet model, you'll be able to hear the ocean crashing upon the rocks when you take that next road trip down to the Napa Valley.


2017 BMW 6 Series Parts and Accessories

2016 BMW 6 Series Parts & Accessories in Richmond BC

While you're waiting for the no-charge maintenance service to be completed on your 2017 BMW 6 Series, why don't you stroll on over to the Auto West BMW parts team? Not only do we stock a large selection of stylish men's, women's, and kid's BMW Lifestyle clothing, but we also have the Genuine BMW parts and accessories you'll want to keep your 650i looking top-notch. We stock 20-inch Performance wheels and tires, rubber floor mats, chrome plate frames, M-branded valve stems, and much more. You can even save time and order your BMW parts and merchandise online from our Richmond dealership.

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