Ecofriendly Dealership

Green Roof Garden ? Auto West BMW

A green roof is a garden of trees, grass, plants, and other vegetation, planted over a waterproof barrier, which fully or partially covers the roof a building. Green roofs serve many purposes: absorbing water, providing insulation, creating a wildlife habitat, giving pleasing aesthetics, and lowering urban air temperatures.

Eco-Luxury Facts

  • 8 themed gardens with over 3,500 flowering plants
  • Using vegetation native to BC
  • Planted in 8" of Sopraflor X growing medium with a built-in irrigation system when required
  • 3 community gardens are dedicated to providing fresh vegetables to local Richmond food banks
  • Some of our plants include: apple trees, blue berry bushes, lavender, stone crop, wild strawberry, Echinacea, roses, and several types of grasses 


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