Leasing a Vehicle at Auto West BMW

Auto West BMW Leasing Program

Most people know the obvious benefits of leasing: you get a brand new car to drive around, it costs less than financing, there are certain tax incentives, etc. 

But there's another way to look at leasing a BMW. Every day you drive your new leased automobile, you are buying a small piece of it.

At our Finance Department at Auto West BMW in Richmond, you'll find some of the best leasing rates and options that you'll find in the areas of Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, White Rock, or North Vancouver, BC. Our team of new car lease experts are sure to help you find the plans that are right for you.

The Standard BMW New Car Lease

The most common and popular lease offering that we provide combines lower monthly payments with competitive interest rates. Our standard BMW lease for new and pre-owned models allows for flexible downpayment options, and is available in 24-, 36-, 39-, or 48-month terms, depending on the vehicle.


BMW Single Payment Lease

Just because you've chosen to lease a BMW, it doesn't mean that you need to follow monthly payments. If you have enough funds on hand at the inception of the lease, you can choose to put down a single-payment lump sum, and still enjoy all the other handy benefits of leasing. No further monthly payments!

With the BMW Single Payment lease, you benefit from a reduced interest rate and a lower cost of borrowing, which combines into a lower overall payment than a standard lease. And once the lease term closes, you'll still have the option to buy your BMW.

BMW Multiple Security Deposit Lease

Another way to drastically lower your lease rates is by applying security deposits to the term. With the BMW Multiple Security Deposit lease, you can make up to 9 refundable security deposits on your lease, a lower the amount of your monthly payments. This is the option for those who are not fully committed to putting down a large downpayment.


Plenty of Options on Kilometers

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to providing kilometer rates. Some people drive less than the standard 24,000 km per year, and some people will want to drive a whole lot more, especially in a gorgeous new BMW

On top of the 24,000 km option available on our Standard BMW lease, we also provide three additional low-kilometer allowances of 12,000 km, 16,000 km, and 20,000 km per year, with extended kilometer packages available on demand, as well.

Enjoy the flexibility that comes from vehicle leasing with Auto West BMW!

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