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At Auto West BMW, its our goal to boost your Ultimate Driving Experience® by delivering a beyond-exceptional customer service experience. For when your BMW draws ever nearer to its scheduled lease maturity, we've outlined a simple guide of what you can expect in order to provide you with a transition as seamless as a BMW gear shift.

If you've grown too attached (it happens!) and realize that you'd like to keep the vehicle you've come to consider an extension of yourself, we are pleased to offer flexible financing options for you to own your current BMW. Best of all, you can continue to enjoy the drive and be worry free with our BMW Extended Warranty options*.

Understanding the Process: End-of-Lease Milestones

Here is what you can expect at each step as you near your lease end.

6 months: Evaluate & Assess

Visit us and have all your questions and/or concerns answered before you begin your search for a new vehicle. Now is also a good time to assess your mileage allowance to make sure you don't overshoot your initial estimate, if possible


4 months: Vehicle Condition Review

As your lease draws to a close, we recommend scheduling a vehicle condition review with our Lease End Department. This appointment will allow us to review any excess wear or use in accordance to BMW Financial Services guidelines and ensure that your BMW is up to date with the required maintenance schedule. It is also an opportunity to explore your lease maturity options; use this as your opportunity to test drive the newest vehicles in our 2014/2015 BMW lineup.

75 days: Independent Inspection Call

The official inspection of your BMW will take place roughly 75 days before the scheduled maturity date. An independent inspection company will contact you to arrange an appointment for your convenience to ensure that you receive an accurate and impartial assessment.

Within 1 month: The Final Touches

Graduation time. It's time to make the arrangements to return your BMW. At this point, excessive wear and necessary repairs should be reviewed and addressed. Simply contact Auto West BMW and schedule your return appointment before the lease maturity date.


It's not always easy to predict where your focus will be at in a few years. But fortunately, our leasing agents have the benefit of helping people in your same position almost every day. As an authorized BMW Centre, we are pleased to offer lease return services and options. Our BMW End-of-Lease Consultants are here to aid you in choosing the option best suited to you.

For any additional inquiries regarding your leased BMW (i.e., replacing parts, wear and use guidelines, maintenance requirements, mileage allowance), please contact our Lease End Department.

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